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Grab A Bite: Hole In The Walls We Love

Are you hungry? Check out our latest food post on Hole In The Walls We Love.


Chinatown Express Restaurant  #JunkieReview

Authentic Chinese food was on the menu this past weekend and we've heard through the grape vine that the money green colored restaurant on the corner of 6th and H was the spot to taste for some authentic Chinese, so of course we had to try it out! Entering the restaurant you can see an outside view of hanging ducks through the window and a few chefs cooking away boldly adding to the "authentic" aesthetic of the restaurant; reminding you of bustling foreign city streets where fresh produce and meats greet you on market sidewalks. 

Promptly greeted by a few steps, a hostess and two big fish tanks that added to the initial aroma of this quaint and scruffy hole in the wall, our seating met us at the rear of the restaurant in an additional dining area; more intimate than what you initially walk into at Chinatown Express.

Service was very friendly, but a little overly attentive as the server stood over the table until the order was placed. On our menu for the night was complimentary green tea, spring rolls and sesame beef. The beef was neither tender or juicy and was overly cooked and dry. Chewing was a task because of the beef being a little too stiff and hard, but the flavor was just as beautiful as it looked on the plate with savory flavors.

Biting into the spring rolls were nice and flaky as one would wish for. The filling though! We all look forward to the inside of that spring roll where heaven meets your mouth with all the lovely chopped vegetables, your selection of meat and its unique flavors. The vision however of this dreamy bite of satisfaction did not live up to expectation. After the bite the content of the spring rolls were dried up and what it felt like days old from its lack of freshness. Needless to say, the green tea held up its end of the bargain.

We are all for giving second chances and aren't totally against going back due to such friendly staff. However, if you are ever around 6th St. in ChinaTown DC go for trying their hand-made noodles and dumplings made in-house. Their noodle soup with roasted duck may also be an option which was Washingtonians 2013 must try dish. The Washington post's 2017 article also appointed ChinaTown Express as one of the spots to hit up for the most delicious dumplings. Let's just say, maybe not sticking to the popular items was our first mistake!





Issa' Vlog

Kicking off our first official vlog with N'jeri A., Founder and Owner of ArtsyJunkie.com. #ItsALifestyle Vlog Series will be a series about getting to know N'jeri A. a little better; the force behind ArtsyJunkie.com. We are excited to share with you the behind the scenes of N'jeri A.'s life as a business owner, professional model, entrepreneur and 100% hustler. Things will get a little crazy, things will be a lot of fun and there will be a lot of business. Most importantly, you can count on things being100% authentic with the original Junkie herself; because of course being a Junkie is all about being free and unapologetically being exactly who you are. 

Chicken + Whiskey #JunkieReview

Arriving at this South American counter-serve spot is a treat.  Chicken + Whiskey is just as exciting as the name with Latin street food served to you in seconds, and a speakeasy hidden behind a large metallic door. I mean, food and speakeasy? Our two favorite things all in one spot inspired by the streets of South America and the Alcohol Prohibition; a satisfying twist on dining.

This “South American joint” and Award Winning Venezuelan Chef Enrique Limardo, specialize in Peruvian rotisserie chicken and Venezuelan sandwiches, sides, and salads.  Of course there is more, because while the home front focuses on serving you mouth-watering South American cuisine, the whiskey bar in the back has a grand selection of 99 whiskeys.

To start, the menu is self-explanatory with options of the South American rotisserie dark or white meat, in a quarter or halves that are accompanied with two sides of your choice.  However, if you want to go for the jugular and get the whole rotisserie, you get a whopping four sides of your choice. The sandwiches and wraps looked dream worthy, one in particular that we are dying to try, at our next visit, is called the borracho wrap --wrapped in a flour tortilla with things like pulled rotisserie, smoked gouda, guasacaca and more! Our selection for the night was the quarter dark rotisserie chicken with Chicken + Whiskeys house made sauces inti picante sauce and ají amarillo sauce. Our selected sides were the sweet plantains and black beans.

The rotisserie chicken did not disappoint with its rich flavors. The meat was very tender and juicy, while the skin was the foundation of all its great seasonings; both were delicate while melting in your mouth. It carried flavors that you’d want to savor for the remainder of your meal. Fresh cilantro, cumin, onions, red bell peppers, garlic, and leeks made up the delightful tasting of the black beans, which had a hint of sweetness without taking away from its other spices. The sweet plantains were soft and fried to a golden brown. While we are usually very particular about how sweet plantains are made, Chicken + Whiskey got it right! Beautifully fried and browned while maintaining its softness, but not too soft and perfectly ripe, so that it sweetness was not lacking.

Although you could eat the food without any additional condiments, because of everything being packed with flavor, it was hard to say no. The house made sauce’s ají amarillo and inti picante were the cherry on top.  The Inti Picante tastes like an intricately spiced hot sauce, while ají amarillo was more subtle, a thicker consistency, and sweeter hints on the palette.

Chicken + Whiskey, is a little piece of heaven on the corner of 14th St. NW; with its great food, inexpensive prices, and unique aesthetic, we are almost positive that they will be around for quite some time. So if you’re ever around 1738 14th St. NW, stop in and join the experience. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you bump into some of us Junkies over at ArtsyJunkie.com.