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Grab A Bite: Hole In The Walls We Love

Grab A Bite: Hole In The Walls We Love

The Greek Spot

If you're ever on 11th st. don't leave The Greek Spot, a corner countertop serving greek classics, without trying the Chicken Souvlaki. It's literally the best thing you could probably ever take a bite out of, but we will save all the details for your first experience and just say trust us on this!

 2017 11th St NW, Washington, DC


Judy Restaurant 

2212 14th St. NW Washington, DC is where it goes down at Judy's. This chill and yummy family owned restaurant serving Salvadorian and Mexican eats is the place to be. You'll be saying thank you to the food heavens. Whether you order the fajitas, plantains, black beans or whatever else; it's a win win.

2212 14th St NW, Washington, DC


Julia's Empanadas 

With more than one location around the city you won't be out of luck. Whether you're in Adams Morgan on 18th st., Connecticut Ave. or Georgia Ave. go grab an Empanada of your choice.

1221 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC


Osman & Joe's Steak 'n Egg Kitchen

This little breakfast and burger joint on Wisconsin Ave. is open until the crack of dawn. If you just came from a popping party or maybe just have the nights munchies you will not have to starve until the sun comes up. Get comfy with it's quaint counter and outside seating and grab it's menu with never-ending options to choose from. 

4700 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC


Oohh's & Aahh's

If you're looking for Grandma smacking good soul food then you've found your spot! Not only is this U st. staple home to Washingtonians, but it is a tourist attraction and must have experience. It's award winning soul food for surely snatches your soul, just like Grandma's. If you're not at 1005 U st. NW, don't worry! Head on down to their other location on Georgia Ave. 

1005 U St NW, Washington, DC


Naija Cafe

This hidden gem in Clinton, MD is it's best kept secret, but it definitely deserves major recognition. Serving Nigerian cuisine, you can't go wrong with any dish ordered. While you're waiting on your food you can play ping pong in the dining and game area, sit at the bar or just wait for what is about to be some of the best Nigerian cuisine you've tasted. Our favorite is the croaker, Jollof and Asaro and of course an extra side of plantain. 

 8319 Old Branch Ave, Clinton, MD


Marlboro Grille

Honestly, a simple Sunday morning's breakfast never tasted so good! Marlboro Grille is Upper Marlboro, MD's neighborhood treat with everyday American and breakfast food. You can't go wrong with a waffle, home fries and sausage and maybe even a french toast or two!

 14606 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD







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