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The Trio Sister Girl Group We Just Cannot Get Enough Of!

We've been on the Ceraadi wave for quite some time. These multi talented sisters are incredible at everything that they do whether its singing, dancing, rapping, being YouTube personalities, creating and producing their own content and the list goes on. Not only are we smitten by their talent and unique style, but love to watch the entire family and their close knit relationship. Its talent and families like these that we'd love to see more of--individuals who are extremely talented but whose beautiful personalities and bonds ultimately inspire others. Ceraadi is definitely going places and we believe will be the group to bring back the era of not just any girl group, but one that sticks, adapts with the times and whose originality separates them from others. Check out some of our favorites from Ceraadi and get the scoop on everywhere you can keep up with them and their cool family. 

Ceraadi's Social YouTube Instagram Twitter

Ceraadi's family social YouTube

The Ceraadi girl's socials

Emaza YouTube Instagram Twitter

Znuie YouTube Instagram Twitter

Saiyr YouTube Instagram Twitter

Broccoli City Festival

2017 MashUp Junkie Playlist

2017 MashUp Junkie Playlist