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The Faux Bleached Brow

The Faux Bleached Brow

We've been eyeing this faux bleached brow look for the past few days and after watching a couple of tutorials we put our mascara wand to the test. So get your concealers and brushes together as we give you the run down on how to achieve this fierce look. 

Note: If you have a light-caramel to medium complexion these shades may work for you.

As  you already know everyone's concealer shade will be different according to complexion. So grab a color a couple shades lighter than your complexion to give you the bleach effect over your darker brow color. Here, we used a combination of two concealers that differ in shade to make sure that we got enough coverage over the darker brow. When achieving this look you can pick up a less expensive concealer product at your local drug or beauty supply store. Here, we used L'Oreal Paris MagicLumi Highlighter in the shade Medium 864 from Rite Aid and combined it with Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer in the shade Caramel 365 from Sephora. We will say, that using the tattoo concealer worked great in this mix as it had a thicker consistency that we knew would hold up throughout the day and give us the coverage that we needed.

1. Mix the concealers on hand (or if you you're just using one, squeeze a good enough amount out on hand).

2. Grab an old or disposable mascara wand and cover a good amount of product on the tip.

3. Brush your wand through brows with light strokes making sure that all hairs are accounted for (repeat with product as needed).

This is where our ultimate fave brow pencil comes into play. We swear by the NYX brow pencil. Here (and everyday) we used the shade EP05 Dark Brown which you can purchase from the NYX store directly or your local drug or beauty supply store.

4. Use the brush end of the brow pencil and lightly brush the product through your brow to get rid of any clumps  

5. Switch to the liner end of the pencil and lightly line your eyebrows (at the top and bottom) as you normally would to define your brow. (You can add a little more product with your mascara wand if necessary).

6. Highlight above and underneath those brows HUNTY! Use your concealer brush (as pictured to the left next to brow pencil above this photo). Here we used NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the shade CJ05 from the NYX Store.

7. Blend! Blend! Blend! (View Founder of ArtsyJunkie, N'jeri A. below with her faux bleached brows). 

Now go slay!

Credits: All photos are the property of ArtsyJunkie.com 









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