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Shop Noce'

Shop Noce'

ArtsyJunkie loves the Afro and vibrant colored jewelry line Shop Noce'. So it was without question that when our friend Mary Smith, Founder and Owner of Shop Noce' sent us these beauties we had to serve you them on a silver platter "hunty." Take a look, shop and enjoy!

Fruity Tutti choker by Shop Noce'

Tangy Mango earrings by Shop Noce'

Fruity Tutti and Tangy Mango by Shop Noce'

The bold and vibrant woman attracted to color yet classic pieces, who doesn’t allow age to limit her degree of creativity when it comes to style or life for that matter, so she celebrates boldly and proudly.
— Mary Smith, Shop Noce' Founder and Owner

Shop Noce' shop here

Instagram, @shopnoce            Shopnoce.com

Credit: ArtsyJunkie.com photos

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