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Insecure on HBO

Issa Rae, creator and lead role in HBO's new hit series Insecure is a force to be reckoned with. Aside from her incredible talent as an actor on screen, Insecure tackles life challenges as it relates to love, friendships and careers. It confronts racism in the workplace and raises social issues on both cultural acceptance and insecurities. If its humor and generational language isn't enough to keep you tuned in, the unique personalities of each character will. The triumphs and obstacles that each character meet in this series will have you find some similarity or connection. Two accomplished African American best friends confront life's challenges, adding an innocent humor and decor to the "black experience."

If you haven't already, add this addicting series to your "watch list." You can catch up with its first season of 8 episodes on HBO.com and you might just find one of our favorite artist KAMAU's song JUSFAYU in episode 8. 

Don't worry either! Insecure will be back around for a second season.

 Photo, HBO.com. 

 Photo, HBO.com. 

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