N’jeri A. founded ArtsyJunkie in 2014. She is a wardrobe stylist, model, poet and  actress. In her move after college, from New York back home to DC she used ArtsyJunkie as a means of providing a platform for all artists regardless of their artistic expression. We are born with many abilities and some are fortunate enough to have a plethora of talents. Artsyjunkie embraces the many differences and commonalities. We do not judge or restrict an artist from being their true self. We are a movement. To be a Junkie means to create your own path despite any restrictions that society holds, but most importantly you define your own inner Junkie. We are a non-restricted entertainment source and lifestyle brand bringing you all art whether it be music, fashion, poetry or anything in between.  Redefining Junkie creatively. It’s all art!